Midwest whitetail Outfitters has partnered up with some great companies to provide you the best possible experience while you are at our farms. We use only ladder stands for comfort and safety, with Big Dog and Hawk being our go to choices(we have other brands as well, but new sets we choose these ones!). While you are on our farm, we have available Ms. Doe Pee, which we believe is the best and freshest estrous attractant during the rut. One deer, one bottle, right from Iowa.

And all of our kill plots, standing food for late season, and off season mineral sites are supplied by Horny Buck Seed! This helps keep our deer healthy so they can pack on the Bone! And to keep our deer low pressured, new this year we are going to be running Snyper Hunting Products Commander 3g cell cams in those hard to get to places, so that we can pattern bucks and get our clients where they need to be at the right time without disturbing the herd to check cams! We work hard to provide the best possible hunt, and we appreciate our partners support helping us make your hunt the best experience possible!