With almost 4,000 acres of prime Southeast Iowa land, Midwest Whitetail Outfitters sits firmly in the land of the giants. Located just outside of Burlington you’re worlds away from the average whitetail hunt. We manage the property, and we only guide a select few hunters each season. We work hard to maintain the quality of whitetail deer to assure that each hunter has the potential to harvest the buck of a lifetime. When you finally get the chance to hunt Iowa and our abundance of trophy whitetail bucks, you may never be the same.


  • Jay Begner
    Co/Owner & Head Guide

    Jay is an avid Bow Hunter with a wall of full of great whitetails. His passion for being in the outdoors every single day is second to none. If he isn’t in a tree hunting whitetail or turkey or maintaining our land, you can find Jay on the water chasing fish or on a field shooting birds! Jay has an uncanny ability to read whitetail habitat and understand travel patterns. Along with his down to earth country style, these qualities make Jay an excellent guide and fast friends out of clients. Jays biggest buck to date is in the 160’s.

  • Ed Crowley
    Co/Owner & Business Ops

    Life long Bow Hunter and outdoorsman with 25 years of experience chasing mature whitetails. Ed brings a passion for having the best possible opportunities at harvesting mature bucks. If he isn’t hunting these great animals, he is constantly learning about new management techniques, land development skills to hold and grow big deer, and nutritional pieces of the puzzle to improve the overall health of the herd. Ed’s biggest buck to date is a 181″ Booner. Analyzing trail cams consistently and year over year history is Ed’s key to success.



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What are the future plans of Midwest Whitetail Outfitters? We’re always looking for better and more efficient ways to manage our current properties. Whether it’s changing food plots, moving or adding tree stands in high traffic areas or trying to eliminate hunting pressure. We are also working on acquiring land in Illinois and Missouri for future hunting opportunities. Join our Newsletter for the latest updates.